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TREIO is scheduled to organize a series of trainings of trainers for a total of 120 participants. The trainings will be spread across the piloting Member States - Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, and Portugal. Тhe exact locations, geographical spread and stakeholder groups’ quotas per training will be established by the training methodology developed in the very first stage of the project.

Each training will explore some or all modules of the TREIO training content on a multidisciplinary and multilevel basis, depending on the methodology set up.

The trainings will seek to produce three main results:

to train professionals on the cross-border issues of the EIO implementation and to prepare them for supporting their colleagues on national level as future trainers or mentors;

to validate the structure and the modularity of the content; and

to contribute to the better adaptation of the training content for online environment by providing relevant feedback and considerations.

The train-the-trainers programme will initiate the development of a European network of trainers with profound knowledge and skills in the field of EIO procedure and exchange of evidences.

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