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You can find some important information below. It is compiled based on previous experts/professionals' requests. In case you don't find the information you are looking for, or still have questions on the very same topic, you can contact our TREIO Team.

TREIO set many objectives and tasks, including specific project objectives for the development and delivery of online training for our judicial professionals who require training on the European Investigation Order (EIO) and the well-known eEDES.

The TREIO Online Training is interactive, combining structured information blocks with analysis and reflection based on practice and case studies and building on the experience of participants, and includes the use of the novel TREIO eEDES Simulator as a dedicated safe space to practice the process of transmitting an EIO. The TREIO Online Training aims to contribute to the continued professional development process of professionals in Member States.

Target Audience of the TREIO Online Training

  • judges responsible for the issuing and/or executing of an EIO
  • prosecutors responsible for the issuing and/or executing of an EIO
  • members of other competent authorities (identified in Article 2 of the EIO Directive)
  • higher administrative officials employed at a judicial authority and who may be responsible of assisting judges and prosecutors responsible for the issuing and/or executing of an EIO.
  • knowledge of European legal assistance and cooperation in the judicial process and the contribution of the EIO in this context.
  • high level of familiarity with the eEDES system.

General Learning Outcomes of the TREIO Online Training

  • Having a structured knowledge of the EIO Directive and EIO procedures
  • Identify investigative measures and overcome typical difficulties in the application of the EIO
  • Identify the procedures for transmission and receipt of an EIO
  • Learn how to use the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System effectively using the TREIO eEDES Simulator.

Knowledge Gained

If you are a professional of the judiciary and you would like to perform continuous professional development in this area then you can find the necessary information on how to access to the training below.

The TREIO Online Training is also beneficial as a refresher training on the use of eEDES for EIO exchanges and/or selected topics on EIO.

Access to e-Learning

To gain access to the e-Learning you must fill in the following form:

On first login to, you will be expected to change your password. For security reasons we recommend that this password meet a specific criteria as indicated. Please change your password and do not share it with others. Once you have gained access to ECTEG’s Moodle you reach your Dashboard, then you will be able to navigate to ‘My Courses’. It is here where you will locate a course box titled TREIO. On clicking this box, you will be taken to the course homepage.

On the course page you will find several links and course information. When you scroll down you will also see the course content and progress indicators. You will notice two versions of the TREIO Online Training:

TREIO Online Training: A Full Package (5 days; self-paced) - Access to extensive e-learning materials on the EIO Directive, EIO form and content, and specificities of the EIO process including using eEDES. Target Audience: all professionals required to handle EIOs and eEDES including new starters or those newly assigned EIO and eEDES responsibilities.

TREIO Online Training: eEDES Package (2-3 days, self-paced) - Access to e-learning materials on how to use eEDES with EIO forms. Participants are expected to utilise the TREIO eEDES Simulator to apply their learning and practice in a safe environment the issuing and executing of forms using a simulated environment where no real data is used. Target Audience: ideal for competent authorities/employers who need to identify the parts of the training that are specific to the use of the eEDES and for nations who have yet to implement eEDES nationally and wish to see how the system functions and what might be expected of them.

We appreciate if you complete the pre- and post-training surveys so that we can received feedback on the usefulness of the TREIO Online Training.

Please note that you also need to access to the TREIO eEDES Simulator - access to the Simulator is provided along with credentials for the TREIO Online Training.

TREIO set many objectives and tasks, including specific project objectives for the development and delivery of online training for Member States to be able to train professionals on the EIO and use of eEDES.

If you are an existing trainer or wish to become a trainer and access all the trainer materials for the TREIO Training Framework and/or TREIO Online Training, then please use the respective links.

With regards to the TREIO Online Training,

  • We recommend that you gain access to the training as an end user first so you can navigate the content to see if the training is beneficial for your colleagues and/or employees, i.e. preview the course first. You can find information about what the course aims and content are under the End Users Section above.
  • Once you have been provided access to the trainer files, we will also provide you with access to a short documentation on upgrading the training, adding national context and additional scenarios or case studies, and the TREIO Online Training and TREIO eEDES Simulator should be used in tandem.

We highly recommend that any additions, upgrades or translations are performed by the competent authority of your Member State rather than on a trainer-by-trainer basis to ensure consistency, accuracy and relevance.

We understand the importance of access by Member States to the TREIO Training Framework and/or TREIO Online Training to allow for contextualisation and application of the training materials / e-learning to national context and different methods of training for employees (e.g. onsite, online, or hybrid).

With regards to the TREIO Online Training, competent authorities are permitted more extensive access to the TREIO training packages, and can be provided the following:

  • Developer Files – including all graphics, storyboards for the content, exercise files, header files, developer instructions, and information about translations.
  • SCORM Package – two packages can be provide (full package and eEDES package) which contains all course content and structure. This package may be useful if you wish to embed the TREIO Online Training on the Competent Authorities own Learning Management System (LMS). A SCORM package is a well-recognised Package Interchange File (PIF) used for transferring learning content from one LMS to another. Essentially, it is a ZIP file that contains specific contents defined by the SCORM standard.

To find out more about gaining access to these files, please fill in the form available here: TREIO Online Training

We apologize for the inconvenience. Several factors could contribute to a delay in processing access requests. Please follow these steps:

  • Check your email spam folder: Sometimes, automated emails may be filtered as spam. Please check your spam or junk folder to ensure our communication has not been misclassified.
  • Verify contact Information: Double-check the contact details provided in your access request form. Make sure the email address you provided is accurate and accessible.
  • Wait for processing: Our team may be experiencing high volumes of access requests. Please allow some time for the processing of your request. If there is a specific processing timeframe mentioned, kindly wait until that period has elapsed.

Processing times may vary based on the volume of requests and the complexity of the access requirements. While we aim to process requests promptly, it is advisable to refer to any communicated timelines or contact our TREIO Team if you have concerns about the status of your request.

Our typical turnaround time for access requests to the TREIO Online Training is no more than 5 (five) working days.

We understand the importance of timely access. If there are urgent circumstances or specific deadlines, please reach out to our TREIO Team directly. While we cannot guarantee expedited processing, we will do our best to assist you.

If you have not received contact from TREIO within 5 (five) working days about your access to the TREIO Online Training, then you may contact with the subject line ‘User Access to TREIO Training on Moodle’. You must include your full name, organisation, country and email address. Your request will be processed and if approved you will be assigned a unique username and password to access the TREIO Online Training. Please note: this does not give you automatic access to the TREIO eEDES Simulator and you will also need to request access to this platform separately. See here:

Accessing Moodle:

  • Open your web browser and navigate to the Moodle platform's URL provided by ECTEG.
  • Enter your username and password in the login fields.
  • Click "Log in" to access your Moodle dashboard.

Navigating the Dashboard:

  • Upon logging in, you will land on your dashboard. Here, you will find courses you are enrolled in and relevant updates.
  • Use the navigation menu to explore different sections such as Courses and Messages.

Accessing course content:

  • Click on the course title from your dashboard to enter the course.
  • Navigate through sections or modules of the course to access content, including, readings, videos, exercises, and quizzes.

For further details, you can watch the video available here: