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Each TREIO work package is divided into tasks and sub-tasks to best reflect the project structure needs and workflow.

WP Leader Institute of Legal Informatics and Judicial Systems (CNR-IGSG), Italy
Timeframe Month 1 - Month 46

To organise overall project management and administration, including supervision of financial flows and project reporting, and to ensure quality of work and timely delivery of project results


Task 1.1. Operational project management (M1-M46)

Task 1.2. Scientific project management (M1-M46)

Task 1.3. Risk management and overall project quality assurance (M1-M46)

Task 1.4. Training-specific quality management (M1-M19)

Task 1.5. Organisation of a Kick-off Meeting (M1-M2)

Task 1.6. Organisation of Interim Project Meetings (M3-M44)

Task 1.7. Organisation of Final Project Meeting (M45-M46)

Deliverables Work Package 1 Deliverables

WP LeaderUniversity of Groningen, Netherlands
Timeframe Month 1 - Month 41

To deliver and validate an all-round EIO training in 12 European languages


Task 2.1. Mapping stakeholders’ training needs (M1-M19)

Task 2.2. Design of training methodology (M2-M19)

Task 2.3. Development of training content (M3-M26)

Task 2.4. Design of training evaluation materials (M4-M26)

Task 2.5. Selection of participants for on-site trainings of trainers (M19-M37)

Task 2.6. Conducting on-site cross-border training of trainers (M20-M40)

Task 2.7. TREIO training content validation (M24-M41)

Task 2.8. TREIO training content validation proceedings (M38-M41)

Task 2.9. Adapting the TREIO training content to the needs of the piloting MSs (M27-M41)

Deliverables Work Package 2 Deliverables

WP Leader

European Cybercrime Training and Education Group (ECTEG), Belgium

Timeframe Month 3 - Month 46

To set up the TREIO e-learning platform and the necessary adjustments to the e-CODEX infrastructure to provide real-time training experience

To deliver for the TREIO online training in all of the 12 piloting Member States


Task 3.1. Adjustments to the e-CODEX infrastructure to provide real-time training experience (M3-M39)

Task 3.2. Adaptation of the TREIO training content and evaluation for online environment (M35-M39)

Task 3.3. Setting up the e-learning platform (M36-M43)

Task 3.4. Conducting TREIO online training across Europe (M39-M46)

Deliverables Work Package 3 Deliverables

WP Leader Institute of Legal Informatics and Judicial Systems (CNR-IGSG), Italy
Timeframe Month 38 - Month 46

To validate and fine tune the TREIO Toolkit following the feedback from stakeholders across Europe

To elaborate the TREIO Action Plan for future training on EIO in Europe including lessons learnt, recommendations and guidelines for carrying out EIO training activities in all European Member States


Task 4.1. Preliminary TREIO Toolkit design (M38-M41)

Task 4.2. Validation of the preliminary TREIO Toolkit design with key stakeholders (M40-M43)

Task 4.3. Fine-tuning of the TREIO Toolkit towards its final version (M42-M46)

Task 4.4. TREIO Action Plan for Future Training on EIO (M42-M46)

Deliverables Work Package 4 Deliverables

WP Leader LIBRe Foundation, Bulgaria
Timeframe Month 1 - Month 46

To create awareness of TREIO tools and training activities in order to set for and prepare the TREIO Toolkit and Action Plan for EU-wide adoption of the TREIO methodology and results

To enhance national and cross-European cooperation between national executive authorities and judicial bodies, legal organisations and professional bodies, civil society organizations and academia, on sharing EIO implementation best practices


Task 5.1. Development of Dissemination and Communication Strategy (M1)

Task 5.2. Establishing the project identity (M1-M2)

Task 5.3. Project website (M1-M2)

Task 5.4. Digital communications, publications and ad-hoc stakeholder engagement (M2-M46)

Task 5.5. TREIO Information Days and continuous online training promotion (M34-M43)

Task 5.6. Final Conference (M39-M46)

Deliverables Work Package 5 Deliverables