Training Framework

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TREIO training content is designed in a modular, multidisciplinary, and multilevel manner.

It addresses different stakeholders: prosecutors, judges, court staff, administrative officials, and lawyers; depending on their competences, day-to-day activities within the EIO implementation context and prior knowledge in this field.

It combines legal requirements and procedures with best practices, case law, case studies (use cases), visuals, tutorials, and tools. It reflects on the jurisdictional differences, gaps, and language regimes across the Member States.

It reflects the varying cross-border issues - business logic, legal aspects, relevant procedures and safeguards, data protection, judicial cooperation, technical issues, e-evidence, etc. tailoring the content for each target group depending on its needs towards acquiring specific knowledge on the EIO procedures and exchange of evidences in the criminal context.

It includes video tutorials on the e-Evidence Exchange Digital System.

It is complemented by relevant (self-) assessment tools.

The training content will be developed in English and adapted to reflect the national specifics of TREIO piloting jurisdictions, including via translations in all official languages of these countries (Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, French, German, Greek, Italian, Lithuanian, Portuguese, and Spanish).