Work Plan

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While Work Package 1 deals with the overall project management and coordination activities, Work Package 5 ‘Dissemination and Stakeholder Awareness’ explores blended methodologies to deliver synchronic and a-synchronic online communication processes combined with face-to-face direct and cascading stakeholder interactions. Both work packages are horizontal and reflect and support all core activities.

The project core consists of three work packages (WPs) dedicated to the EU-wide delivery of all-round EIO reference training framework. WPs 2-4 (‘Design of an All-round EIO Training’, ‘TREIO Online Training across Europe’ and ‘TREIO Toolkit and Guidelines’) are based on cross-sectoral and participative methodology involving various stakeholders, all working together at different levels of responsibilities and with different duties. The methodology adopted combines different interests and point of views with empirical research and evidence-based findings. It is composed by a set of participative techniques to create a well-disposed background to transition and change and gain consensus among different actors at different levels.

TREIO WPs 2-5 have been designed in a chronological – however, interdependent – way. Nonetheless, since this project aims to offer key stakeholders responsible for the EIO implementation and use sound and updated resources and tools to train the respective professionals, resources and tools will be created and adapted to the changing needs of the relevant European context at the time of creation. Moreover, TREIO schedule and organization of training activities will also rely on the effective timing of the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System and the Reference Implementation Portal roll-out.