TREIO Online Training Pilot - eEDES Training Package (Aug - Sept 2023)

The TREIO Online Training focuses on the modalities of issuing, receiving and executing EIOs, including via the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System (eEDES), alongside information about ITN and MLA Requests as part of the eEDES workflow. TREIO tools, offered to the participants in the online training, include:

  • self-paced e-learning course on EIO implementation using eEDES based on TREIO training materials and providing for real-time training modalities via the eEDES Simulator
  • access to the TREIO eEDES Simulator which emulates the EIO business flow (with customised auto-responder) and a full e-CODEX infrastructure to provide realistic message flows among trainees.

The TREIO Online Training Pilot - eEDES Training Package, introduces the participants to aspects on how to use eEDES for the issuing, receiving, and executing EIOs using the TREIO eEDES Simulator to perform these tasks. Additionally, information about sending ITN and MLA Requests using eEDES will accompany the materials on the EIO.

The course is self-paced and does not require an instructor and, therefore, the participants can complete the course to their own available schedule. Its duration is planned for 3 (three) days of non-intensive work.

This online training is offered free to all registered participants. No cost is associated with this training. All participants who successfully pass the final examination will receive a certificate of completion for the training.

Guidelines for Participants

The learning platform is available here:

The TREIO eEDES Simulator is available here:

Each participant is to receive an automatically generated email three days prior to the launch of the training pilot with their username and password for both the learning platform and the TREIO eEDES Simulator. Specific instructions with regards to change of passwords and other details on the technical access are sent to the participants along with the overall information for the course.

In case the participants have trouble logging in and/or working with the learning platform, they can find our instructional video available herein to support the in the process. Further instructions are presented in the accompanying file.

Course Lead

The designated activity manager for this course is Dr. Georgina Humphries (ECTEG) and is assisted by the TREIO Training Team, led by Alexandra Tsvetkova (LIBRe Foundation).

Our TREIO Training Team is ready to assist in case of questions or concerns regarding the TREIO Online Training Pilots and may be contacted directly at

Expression of Interest

Participants in the TREIO awareness events held in July 2023 have been invited to express their interest in piloting the TREIO Online Training in different formats.

Registration for the TREIO Online Training Pilots was open between 18th July and 4th August 2023, and is now closed.

In case you are interested in the TREIO Online Training, please register your interest here: