TREIO International Session #2 (28 Nov 2023)

Title: The role of EUROJUST in EIOs
Description: Keynote speech by: Teresa Magno, Judge Assistant to the National Member for Italy, Eurojust
Period: 28.11.2023, 15.00 - 17.00 CET
Location: Virtual settings

The EIO is a cross border instrument. Yet, understanding the cross-border element is often missing from national trainings on the EIO.

The TREIO Project organized a series of online sessions on cross-border challenges of the EIO that were to cover:

  • Experiences of Member States when issuing and executing EIOs. Anticipating challenges
  • The role of Eurojust in overcoming cross border challenges in the EIO process
  • The role of EJN contact points in ensuring a smooth cross border collaboration in the EIO process.

In each session, there was an opportunity for raising challenges and sharing solutions that might have been explored by participants.

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