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TREIO explores blended methodologies to deliver synchronic and a-synchronic communication processes combined with face-to-face direct and cascading stakeholder interactions. A series of participative activities - train-the-trainers programme, e-learning activities, collaborative public events, etc. are planned to take place alongside our online and ad-hoc stakeholder engagement efforts. To make the most of it and expand our activities to all interested parties, we…

…work with Judicial Practitioners

TREIO is planning different kind of interactions with practitioners - judges, prosecutors, judicial staff, lawyers, and administrative officials, to address their needs, expectations and/or EIO implementation gaps identified in their day-to-day activities and to engage them with various legal, technical, and organizational aspects of preparing and exchanging EIO forms and evidence. Should you be one of those practitioners and you are interested in taking part or benefiting from our events and findings, we want to know!

…work with European Member States

TREIO could support competent judicial authorities and major judicial cooperation stakeholders across EU by

providing a training framework and online environment for their practitioners to learn the various legal, technical, and organizational aspects of preparing and exchanging EIO forms and evidence,

delivering a user-friendly e-CODEX testing environment,

enhancing e-Evidence Exchange Digital System’s national deployment strategies, and

developing a Toolkit for all-round EIO training adoption on national level.

If we can support a Member State with any of our activities, we want to know!

…work with Domain-specific Projects and Initiatives

TREIO is looking for synergy with projects, organizations and formal/informal networks working in the field of e-justice, judicial cooperation, and evidence exchange. If a project or initiative falls within our areas of expertise and work plan and we can contribute to each other’s activities, we want to know!

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