TREIO: a different approach to EIO trainings

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TREIO aims to develop and pilot an all-round cross-border training on European Investigation Order implementation to foster the use and successful exchange of EIO forms and evidences across EU. It will provide for a Reference Training Framework tailoring the content to cross-border specifics - investigative measures, cooperation, procedures, safeguards, data protection compliance, technical aspects of the EIO exchange; and providing video tutorials on the and the use of the e-Evidence Exchange Digital System, developed by EC.

To achieve this difficult task, TREIO develops a blended training methodology and will deliver modular, multidisciplinary, and multilevel content with a complete EIO coverage going from the business aspects to the technical ones and focusing on the electronic exchange of EIOs and evidences using information and communication technologies. TREIO will

reflect the EIO implementation realities for as many EU Member States as possible - in terms of both procedures, tools, and best practices - by involving all relevant stakeholders,

tailor the project outcomes to the Member States’ specific needs, expectation and EIO implementation gaps identified in the day-to-day activities of their professionals,

validate its outputs via real-time products’ testing and promotion and moving-forward action plan to ensure the quality of the project results, and

establish constructive dialog and lay down the basis for project continuity – TREIO will collaborate closely with the e-justice communities across Member States, and key EU stakeholders - DG ‘Justice and Consumers’, the European Judicial Network, the European Judicial Training Network, etc.

The successful implementation of TREIO activities targets 12 Member States to pilot the training framework - Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Spain, and Portugal; and will explore opportunities to expand its activities across Europe.

To know more on ‘how’, ‘when’ and ‘where’, get in touch with the project team.