TREIO @ e-Evidence Digital Exchange System Expert Group Meeting, 13 May 2020

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The e-Evidence Project led by the European Commission, DG Justice and Consumers, provides for the e-Evidence Digital Exchange System that manages the European Investigation Order and Mutual Legal Assistance procedures (e-Forms, business logic, statistics, log, etc.) on European level.

The e-Evidence Digital Exchange System Expert Group meets on a regular basis to review and discuss the system’s state of play on current and next release plan, its status and rollout plans across the Member States; updates on specifics building blocks and/or issues raised by Member States in between meetings; new functionalities; etc. A session is dedicated to the e-Evidence Deployment Strategy and Plan, including with respect to conformance, support, and training.

The meeting also included presentations from related initiatives and/or projects in close dependence with the work done by the e-Evidence Project. TREIO is amongst these projects as it seeks to provide an all-round cross-border training on European Investigation Order implementation to foster the use and successful exchange of EIO forms and evidences across EU, including demo and video tutorials on the and the use of the e-Evidence Exchange Digital System.

The meeting took place via video conference. TREIO was represented by Dr. Maria Angela Biasiotti, CNR-IGSG, and Ms. Alexandra Tsvetkova, LIBRe Foundation, responsible for the project management and stakeholder engagement.