Train the Trainer - Finland (2)

Description: Train the Trainer Series
Period: 9-11 January 2024
Location: Virtual settings

A TREIO Train the Trainer event aims to multiply the efforts of the project on national level by securing a second generation of trainers adopting the project reference training framework. The participants’ profiles for these cascading trainings referred to judges, prosecutors, and judicial bodies’ personnel supporting the work of the magistrates, with no limitations regarding their previous knowledge on EIO.

Train the Trainer - Finland (2) was organized with the support of the Finnish Ministry of Justice and led by a TREIO Master Trainer in English. The training followed the recommended approach splitting the training into two half-days with a short period of time in between to allow participants to practice using eEDES.

35 professionals were selected to join the training and they all received access to training materials, recordings, and eEDES access credentials. A total of 21 participants took part in the sessions and received certificates for completion of the training.

Following a requirement of the Finnish Ministry of Justice, feedback was collected internally.

The training was considered very useful. The practicality of the training was praised.

eEDES was found user friendly and surprisingly easy to use.

Participants’ joint opinion was that eEDES will improve the efficiency of EIO processing in Finland; however, few national peculiarities in the process need to be solved before deployment.


Train the Trainer - Finland (2), Agenda

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