TREIO Toolkit Validation Discussions

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TREIO seeks to develop a Training Toolkit and guidelines for all-round EIO training adoption across Europe. It will be produced in English and will include: the TREIO training content (modules) on EIO and TREIO e-learning platform set-up information, background materials for trainers and train-the-trainer (pedagogical) manual, model feedback and evaluation form(s) and procedure(s) for continuous assessment.

To secure the quality of the Toolkit, TREIO will validate its content via open discussions with relevant stakeholders.

As part of the validation process, TREIO will organize a round table with representatives of the legal and technical communities working on the EIO Directive implementation and training to discuss the project main results and their further adoption across Europe. The discussion will result in comments and recommendations that will be reflected in the final version of the Toolkit and further used for the development of the Action Plan for future actions.

The event will take place in Brussels, Belgium, in the last project quarter. You can sign up for our periodic newsletter and follow all our events’ announcements!